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  • Buying a 2 person inflatable paddle board

Buying A 2 Person Inflatable Paddle Board

June 4, 2022|

Buying Inflatable Paddle Board for 2 People Looking to experience the thrill of paddling without investing in a boat? Check out paddle boards and kayaks! These two-person devices allow you to glide through the water while enjoying scenic views. Paddle Sesh Boards and Kayaks offers a wide assortment of models, each with its unique features. Ready to hit the water? Head over to Paddle Sesh [...]

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What is Surfing and Buying a Surfboard

November 14, 2021|

What is Surfing Surfing is a sort of water sport where a breaking wave towards the shore brings along the internet user. Apart from surfboards, bodyboards, kneeboards, surf skis, and kayaks can be likewise utilized as surf. Other sports, including surfing, include sea kayaking, paddle boarding, kite surfing, and windsurfing. The first 2 do not need waves and winds, while the other two do. [...]

  • surfboard marketplace by paddle sesh

How to Choose a Surfboard That’s Right For Me?

October 2, 2021|

Choosing The Right Surfboard As you advance from beginner to intermediate, you begin to understand the importance of your surfing equipment. How much it affects your performance and whether you're generally enjoyable in the waves. This article will review four typical surfboard types: longboards, fishes, funboards, and shortboards. There is no "perfect board." While reading about the different surfboards below, you will realize that designs [...]

  • Paddle boarding products by paddle sesh

How to Paddle Board

October 2, 2021|

Paddle Boarding Is Tough However Enjoyable It all depends on personal choice when it comes to using a paddle board vs. a surfboard. There is a lot more going on in stand-up paddle surfing than in flat-water paddling. Even as soon as you work out through the whitewater and crashing waves to a more secure location outside of the breaking waves, there is still a [...]

Best Beginner Paddleboard

July 20, 2021|

  Buying your first paddleboard can be quite overwhelming as there are so many different options and considerations. All this information can be overwhelming, so it’s best to seek help from someone who knows what they are doing. Take your time and do some research to determine what board would be best for your situation. There are a few styles of paddleboards such as inflatable [...]

  • Paddle boards stacked together

Choosing the Right Stand-Up Paddle Board

January 15, 2020|

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) offers something active for everyone. You can navigate a peaceful flat water lake or capture choppy water and waves in the ocean with touring boards. Or perhaps you want to do SUP flat water yoga or fast-paced paddle surfing to get a workout. Whatever your aspirations, having the best panel is crucial to your performance and enjoyment. This buying guide [...]

  • Pregnant woman paddle boarding standing

Can I Stand Up Paddleboard While Pregnant?

November 20, 2019|

A common concern we hear is about whether or not it is safe to stand up paddleboard while pregnant. I will begin by stating that the person most qualified to address this concern is the pregnant woman interested in SUP, with guidance from her doctor or prenatal caregiver. As a certified pre/postnatal fitness professional, a certified personal trainer, a certified advanced flat water stand-up paddleboard [...]

  • Man paddle boarding with a dog

How to Paddle Boarding with a Dog

June 19, 2019|

Paddle boarding with your dog is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors together. However, taking your pup for a spin on your paddle board isn’t a walk in the park. Dogs are skilled at balance and yours could be naturally good at paddleboarding, but you may need to improve your own skills and your communication with your dog before you are ready to start [...]

  • Woman standing on paddle board in the blue

5 Simple Steps To Master Stand-up Paddleboarding

April 21, 2019|

Are you new to stand up paddleboarding? If you're looking to pick up a new sport, stand up paddle boarding is a relatively easy one to master in very little time, and can be ideal for people of all ages, sizes, and physical conditions. Paddle boarding can give you the fun you need in life while keeping you fit and steadily making you stronger. It [...]

  • Man fishing on a paddle board

Advice For Fishing While Standing On A Paddleboard

January 20, 2019|

Maybe you have never thought of fishing from your paddleboard or kayak. Or maybe you took up paddleboarding with the express purpose of expanding your awesome fishing capabilities. Either way, if you are interested in SUP fishing, you'll want to know a few tips and what the advantages of stand-up paddleboard fishing are, and what kind of board you might choose if kayak or paddleboard [...]

  • Entire family on a paddle board

Advice For Paddleboarding With Kids

November 4, 2018|

Here are a few tips to make teaching your kids how to paddleboard fun and easy for the whole family. Paddleboarding with kids can be a fun experience for every family member, and it can be a chance to create great memories your child will remember later in life. As with anything in life though, it is important to stay realistic and ready for the [...]

  • Kids and dog on a paddle board

Paddleboard Life Advice

June 16, 2018|

What do paddleboarding and life advice have in common? Our fellow paddlers have some great ideas! In setting out to share a variety of tips and helpful guides to learning to paddleboard, participating in various paddleboarding activities, what conditions to SUP paddleboard under, and how to find the right paddle board size and type for you (whether your SUP board should be inflatable or non-inflatable) [...]