Product Review: ISLE Classic Stand Up Paddle Board

ISLE Classic paddle board standupThe Isle classic soft-top SUP paddleboard features a type of durability that accommodates riders up to 358 pounds. While the board is lightweight, it remains stable and rigid enough for tough water conditions. The board’s wooden design provides a smooth ride over flat waters and surf. The manufacturer offers consumers an exceptional board that’s ideal for beginners learning how to paddle, but it also delivers versatility for boarders with advanced skills. Check out our surf package paddle board review of the new ISLE Classic soft top semi-rigid SUP (reviews are from real customers and consumers who review the product).

Considering a Solid Stand-Up Paddle Board?

If you are used to the advantages of an inflatable stand-up paddleboard, such as its easier give while riding over rough water, a semi-rigid stand-up paddleboard like the ISLE Classic soft top semi-rigid paddleboard package may be a good option for you. It will make for the rigidity that a solid paddleboard offers while offering flexibility similar to an iSUP paddleboard.

Semi-Rigid Stand-Up Paddle Board Benefits

While this semi-rigid board doesn’t offer the same kind of small transporting convenience that you’d expect from an inflatable model, it has benefits like stability and security on the water. This is one of Isle’s lower-priced SUP boards, but it has a lot to offer in terms of style, class, and overall package quality. Many boarders were impressed with how stable it was in the water to handle and the SUP board’s lightweight design which allows you to easily lug these SUPs around for a long time.

Isle Classic Soft Top SUP Rundown

The board’s flexibility works to support boarders of every skill level, which is hands down the board’s best feature. The non-slip surface coating is another popular feature and one that promotes stability even over tough water conditions. The board itself is easy to maneuver and control thanks to the lightweight design and length. This model is twenty-seven pounds in weight and only thirty-one inches wide. The board’s embedded triple stringer system provides the SUP board with the rigidity and stability that all seasoned paddleboarders look for.

Foam Board with Epoxy Quality

While it’s a foam board, the ISLE Classic paddleboard is still able to match the performance of top-selling epoxy models. The board’s soft top deck is made with triple stringers that offer a built-in grip for improved hold and rigidity. The hard bottom of the board is made from plastic and allows for a smoother ride in both small surf and flat water. The high-quality materials provide protection and comfort for the rider without compromising their skills and maneuverability on the surf.

Appearance of Product

The ISLE Classic wooden design is both retro and elegant and never fails to impress both onlookers and riders. The wood finish also prevents scrapes, cracks, and scratches, making it a great surf SUP. Customers who review this board mention that the classic wood surfboard appearance was one of its best points and many consumers like the way these SUPs looked better than other models of similar price.

Complete Accessory Package

This paddleboarding package also includes a lightweight plastic alloy adjustable paddle that can be adjusted to nearly any size, an easy lift carry handle, surf leash, and center box fin. The center fin is essential, and we recommend always using a leash when you take your paddleboard out on the surf and waves (you don’t want to get separated from your paddleboard and never see it again).

Soft Top Features

This board is not technically considered a traditional rigid stand-up paddleboard, and it features a soft top that’s made from durable foam. However, many consumers agree in reviews that the ISLE Classic board performs like a fiberglass paddleboard, which is a great feature for the relatively inexpensive price that a lot of beginner boarders want.

What the ISLE Classic was Missing

While some other rigid boards come with a roof rack, unfortunately, this ISLE Classic model does not. For some consumers, not having a roof rack may not be a big deal. If you live near the lake or ocean waves you plan to go paddling on (within walking distance), you can just carry the board there easily enough and save the extra money. If you own a truck, you can carry the ISLE paddleboard in the bed as well. However, if you need to consistently travel long distances by car with your board, not having a roof rack would be a big problem. Some roof racks are reasonably priced to buy separately.

SUP Pros and Cons

ISLE Classic Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board (5 Thick) SUP Package | Includes Adjustable Paddle Center Carry Handle Center Fin Non Slip Deck GripPros:

The ISLE soft top SUP board’s core is made from a hundred percent EPS foam, which is what you’ll find in higher-priced models. The deck features IXPE XPE that’s high density. The bottom of the board is equipped with high-density polyethylene, which is designed to withstand dings and scrapes like a champ. The removable fin can be taken off when you hit the shallow waters.

Great for all Skill Levels

The ISLE Classic includes a ton of features that makes it one of the top-selling models for Isle. Whether the border is a pro or a novice, this board is a great choice for consumers of all skill levels, according to reviews. While many models of paddleboards are inflatable or feature a plastic look, this model offers a gorgeous wood finish.

New riders who gave a review said they felt confident and safe on the ISLE Classic thanks to the non-slip soft top deck surface and soft rails. The surf SUP board is perfect for beginners on flat water, but its advanced design also makes it appropriate for more skilled riders on the ocean waves.

Easy to Transport

The included handle on the board allows it to be easily carried around and transported. Because the board is made from foam, lugging it around all day isn’t a problem.

Durable Paddle and Accessories

The adjustable paddle allows you to obtain the perfect length for your height and is made from durable, lightweight aluminum, which won’t tarnish or rust. The included center fin will work to keep the rider on course while the leash allows your board to remain close by, even if you’re knocked off.

Soft Top Performance

The ISLE board’s extra soft surface makes it comfortable to stand on, and the overall rigidity of the board will help riders feel secure when standing. Unlike an inflatable model, you also won’t have to worry about inflating the board or potential punctures iSUPs get. The light foam construction ensures that this lightweight, strong board remains buoyant as well.


Some consumers noted in reviews that the deck has a tendency to get imprints, especially if the board is stowed in a roof rack all day. However, as long as the user is careful when transporting the board, it should be fine over time. Unfortunately, there are no free deck mounts for accessories.

Missing Some Accessories

Without a roof rack, you’ll need to be sure your vehicle is large enough to transport this board, or you can simply purchase a roof rack. Some consumers in reviews were disappointed with the quality of the accessory package included and the lack of important accessories that are missing from this package because these missing accessories are often found in a SUP surfboard package that goes for the same price.

Isle Soft Paddle Board Conclusion and Rating

New riders will feel confident and safe on ISLE Classic Stand Up Paddle Board thanks to the non-slip surface and soft rails. The board is perfect for beginners but its advanced design also makes it appropriate for more skilled riders. Consumers who purchased this ISLE model gave it a rating of four out of five stars for ease of use, non-slip grip top coating, reasonable pricing, and overall quality. While this board does have its drawbacks, it has plenty to offer boarders who are looking to upgrade from an inflatable model.

ISLE Classic Stand Up Paddle Board Video