California Board Company Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Stand Up Paddle Board woman with glovesIf you’re new to paddle boarding then you may be initially surprised at just how expensive this water sport can be to get into.  On average, you can expect to drop around a grand for a cheaper board. And no way would a beginner want to fork over that kind of money, especially if they aren’t even sure paddle boarding is something they’ll want to pursue. Fortunately, the California Board Company features an excellent starter board that’s listed at a reasonable price. But does this type of deep discount on a board reflect the quality of the board itself? Is the board going to sink like a rock when you launch it? Or will it crack in half if not transported properly? Please take a look and see what consumers said about this board in online reviews. You may even find that it is the best option for you to get as a beginner or intermediate paddleboarder.

California Board Company Paddle Board Overview

The California Board Company is a relatively new company that launched just eight years ago. The company’s goal was to design and create top-quality boards that are well built and affordable. Based on the consumer response this board received, it appears the company may have realized their goal.

Easy to Carry with Great Accessories

Their stand up paddle board is made from a high density EPS foam and includes a core that’s a hundred percent waterproof. This model also comes with a camera mount, roof rack for easy, safe transport and an adjustable paddle to suit users of different sizes. This amount of flexibility is a really great feature in the board model and added items that you can get for an amazingly low price.

California Board Company Quality Leash

This CBC board measures in at ten feet, six inches long and features a paddle that’s highly adjustable, a stabilizer fin, and a leash that’s equipped with a padded neoprene anklet. The leash is a standard accessory you’ll find with any paddle board and it works to save you and prevent the board from zipping off should you fall. If you are paddling in the ocean, an occurrence like this could be the last time you ever see your SUP. Please don’t forget to bring your leash! The neoprene material means that the leash will be comfortable to wear for an extended amount of time. The adjustable paddle is made out of durable plastic rubber and offers five length adjustment options.

Accommodating Riders of all Sizes

These different settings will allow anyone from an adult to a child to easily use the paddle, and it will save them from exerting a ton of energy all at once. It also features an impressive weight capacity of 300 lbs, making it for most customers, an absolute keeper. Sports involving paddleboards can be widely varied, but this model provides people of all ages, sizes, and interests the flexibility to take on stand-up paddleboarding and have a relatively effortless time learning and using the board.

California Board Company Roof Rack

The package includes a roof rack that isn’t really much of a rack at all. The paddle board comes with padded straps, allowing the user to strap the board to the roof of their vehicle without scratching the paintjob. You’ll want to put something like a folded towel or a piece of cardboard between the board and the straps to save the SUP from rubbing, otherwise serious damage can occur.

EPS Foam Core Stand Up Paddle Board

As we have mentioned, the board is made from a molded EPS high density foam material that’s waterproof and lightweight so you won’t have to worry about mold or rot. On the bottom of the paddle board, you’ll see a layer of incredibly smooth polyethylene, which allows the board to best slice through the water. This makes the board very easy to paddle and a great option for beginners. The SUP board itself weighs in at just 25 lbs, which promotes easy maneuverability and will save you a lot of unnecessary effort.

Because it’s made with the high density foam, one puncture will not cause the new SUP board to sink, and you won’t have to pay for high priced repairs like you would with a fiberglass paddle board.

CBC Paddleboard is Prone to Damage

However, because the foam is so much softer than fiberglass, it’s prone to dents, so the user must be very careful when strapping it to the roof of their car or dragging it across gravel or other types of rough surfaces. But the upside to having a good, soft SUP board is that it will be much easier on the knees and feet over time, which will save you from experiencing back or knee pain from riding your SUP improperly or uncomfortably.

Great Ease of Transport

The SUP board also has a leash plug for attaching the included leash and a carrying grip that’s been molded to the board’s surface. The handle, in addition to the lightweight design, makes this one easy board to carry and transport. If you live near water and prefer to carry your SUP by foot, this carrying system makes the task easier for you.

California Board Company (CBC) Stand up Paddle Board

California Board Company Fin Configuration

This model includes three fins. Aside from two small side fins, you’ll also see a large removable center fin. This fin is perfect for using in open water and works well at helping the rider with tracking. The fin is secured in the back on the bottom of the board with a push in clip and slides in easily. Once the fin has been secured, it’s good, durable, and solid. If you’re paddling in shallow flat water, the large fin will need to be removed (you can usually leave the two little fins alone).

Included Bungee Strap System

Most SUP boarders look for a model that features a bungee system, which can be very useful, according to online customer reviews. The bungee system on this new model is placed just in front of the traction pad, allowing for easy, quick access. The system is perfect for securing any gear you want to bring with you.

CBC Paddle Board Thickness

The six inch thickness of the CBC board works to increase stability and rigidity of these products. This SUP board can handle a ton of weight and will still paddle well even when the full capacity (300 lbs) has been reached. A lot of paddleboarders prefer this solid or semi-rigid style of paddleboard over an inflatable model, since they tend to be more reliable and can usually handle better on the rough or flat water. However, other consumers prefer a quality inflatable model for the give it offers, making this a good alternative product.

D-Ring Attachment System

The D ring setup on this board is extensive, and these rings are always handy to have around, working to secure anything you need to take with you. This model features one center ring in the front that can be used for towing and another ring is the back. You’ll also see four rings located around the center of the boards that can be used for attaching an optional seat, which is sold separately. Another set of D rings is used for the bungee system.

Paddle Board Pros and Cons


The high density foam makes this board suitable for younger users and beginners and allows you to slice through the water with ease. According to customers who took the time to review this product, it was a durable, comfortable, and simple to use SUP that worked well in all types of water (both flat water and ocean waves) and offered a great experience, especially for beginners who were learning paddleboarding. This board works impressively well in the water, allowing the rider to have full control during use.


While the high density foam helps to reduce the overall weight of the board, which will save you energy on carrying it, users will need to be extremely careful not to dent the board during use and transportation. Some consumers mentioned in reviews that they felt the roof rack was cheaply made and did little to prevent scratches and dents to the CBC SUP boards during transport. Other consumers wrote in online reviews that they felt that the deck was too slippery. Besides having to take really good care of your items in order to save them from becoming damaged and ensure they last a long time, however, this SUP model is one of the top models, and a great option for you, especially if you are a beginner paddleboarder.

Related Products

If you’re looking for a tougher board with a higher weight capacity you can check out the iRocker inflatable board, which is top-rated by those who gave it a review, is offered at a comparable price, and is inflatable rather than solid or semi-rigid.

CBC Conclusion and Rating

Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars for ease of use, low pricing, easy maneuverability and overall quality. Designed with the beginner in mind, this CBC SUP board and included items feature smooth handling and an excellent weight, making it suitable for users of all ages and a way to save money but still get a top-quality product.

When it comes to water sports, whether that be stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, yoga on the water, fishing, camping and exploration on the water, or anything else, we have resources to help you find something you’re sure to love. People of all ages, sizes, and life conditions can get into paddleboarding, and we can help you get started with this fun sport for yourself. Please contact us if you have any inquiries on this package, or on other SUP items we offer. We would be glad to help!


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