Product Review: Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUP 10ft 2in

Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUP 10ft 2in Review - Paddle Sesh Water Boards MarketplaceStand-up board paddles are generally designed and manufactured to cater to as many scenarios and use environments as possible. This means that the designers of stand board paddles tend to create products that can be used in as many environments as possible, thereby attracting as potential buyers as possible. In taking this approach, many boards miss the mark and offer less than stellar experience.

In-Depth Review of the Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUP 10ft 2in

The Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUP 10ft 2in is unique in that it’s designed from the ground up to withstand the conditions you’d expect to experience while surfing in Australia. Every aspect of this stand paddleboard will ensure you have the best experience while exploring the lakes and shorelines near you.

Features And Their Benefits

Dimensions – L10 FT. x2.6 FT. x 0.39 FT. (or L310 cm x W79 cm x H12 cm) – The Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUP’s dimensions occupy the middle of the size spectrum. It’s perfectly sized for use as an all-rounder. It does not have the weight penalty of larger boards, nor is it too small to give users the stability and feel needed to enjoy surfing. Importantly, it is designed to withstand even choppy shoreline water in some of Australia’s best beaches.

The size is also perfect for stand-up paddleboard yoga (SUP yoga). If you’re looking to stay fit while enjoying your time at the beach, the Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUP board should be on your shortlist of SUP boards.

EPS Core – The Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUP has an EPS core for a lighter and more robust foundation. Expanded Polystyrene is renowned for yielding strength, shape-ability, and flexibility. These properties allow the Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUP to be strong and easy to puddle on the calm waters of lakes and the choppy water of shorelines.

Importantly, EPS foam has a superior strength-to-weight ratio unmatched by other materials. As such, you benefit from a high-performance SUP without having to carry around a lot of weight.

Epoxy Shell with EVA Traction Pad – It’s common for SUPs with EPS cores to have a fiberglass shell with epoxy resin. The epoxy resin adds strength to the rigid board and enhances the board’s overall flexibility. The overall performance advantage is better shape retention, strength, and durability. And the Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUP is not different. It can snap back into place much better and faster.

Additionally, an EPS core and an epoxy resin shell give the board more resistance to cracking and brittleness. Enhanced resistance to cracking and brittleness yields extended durability without the board experiencing performance deterioration.

Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUPs also have EVA Traction Pads covering the top surface of the SUP. The traction pads increase safety by reducing the slipperiness of the board’s surface, making this paddleboard the perfect platform to enjoy SUP yoga sessions. The improved traction also makes the board far more enjoyable for spending long-period paddleboarding.

Includes Carry Handle & Fins – The built-in carry handle makes carrying and loading a breeze. You do not have to deal with the odd and unwieldy shape of the SUP. Instead, just grab the board by the carry handle and move around in comfort.

Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUP 10ft 2in Review - Paddle Sesh Water Boards Marketplace bottomAnother notable feature is its fin. The fin is designed to give paddleboarders better control and grip while moving fast. Additionally, the fin also enhances your stability when you experience sideways motion. Overall the fin adds to the exhilarating experience this SUP provides users with.

Weight capacity 90kgs – The weight capacity of the SUP is essential to the overall experience you get. When you exceed the weight capacity of a SUP, balancing the board can be challenging, taking away some of the fun you get when surfing. As such, if the weight capacity is low and you quickly exceed the weight limit when surfing with your gear, you can expect the board to ride lower, becoming extremely draggy and difficult to paddle.

The Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUP has a weight capacity of 90kg, which is ample weight capacity for most paddleboarders and their gear. Whether you want to bring drinking water, food, or other items to your excursion, this SUP can handle it. In the same light, lightweight individuals with some weight capacity to spare can also paddleboard with their pets safely with the Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUP.


  • Good value for money
  • High-quality manufacturing all-round, which bodes well for durability
  • Perfect for use by novices as well as experienced paddleboarders
  • Lightweight and easy to load and/or carry around (thanks to the handle)


  • Some customers have complained of poor packaging from the manufacturer in the past resulting in unsightly dents and scratches


Whether you are looking for your first SUP or you simply want to add another board to your family collection, the Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUP has proven to be an excellent choice for many users. While it’s a mass-produced stand-up paddleboard, it’s a high-quality board with impeccable finishing and durability to match. It will meet many, if not all, of your paddleboarding needs.

Tahwalhi Tsunami Epoxy SUP 10ft 2in Review