Product Review: iRocker Triple Layer Military Grade Inflatable Paddle Board

iRocker Triple Layer Military Grade PVC Inflatable Paddle Board with Backpack, Travel Paddle Hand Pump and Repair KitThe triple-layer military-grade inflatable paddle board by iRocker comes with a complete kit that’s composed of an adjustable aluminum paddle, dual-action hand pump, carry bag, and repair kit. This model is one of iRocker’s top sellers, and it features a higher weight capacity than the average inflatable board, is stable while paddling, and is lighter in overall weight.  It also comes equipped with everything you’ll need to get started out on the water, right out of the box. This new iSUP model is designed for boarders of all skill levels and offers a ton of convenience and security in this great, compact setup. Make sure you check out paddle board reviews, and iRocker SUP reviews from consumers who tried out this board before deciding if it is the right SUP for you.

Why an iRocker Triple Layer Military Grade Paddle Board?

The great thing about an inflatable stand-up paddle board is that it can be transported much more easily than a solid paddle board. It can be folded up and put in your car, or even carried on your back, meaning you can take it anywhere with you without having to get a truck or roof rack. In addition, there is a lot of flexibility in the board that some paddle boarders prefer. Consumers sometimes say in SUP reviews that they had an easier time riding an inflatable SUP like the triple-layer composite iRocker inflatable stand-up paddle boards.

If you are relatively new to paddleboarding, and you might not be entirely sure where you will prefer to take your board, you can get the iRocker inflatable board to give you the flexibility and convenience that would make trying different activities on your board easier. After seeing the positive way customers review the iRocker board, you might be more confident in your decision to get this model of iRocker board over other boards out there.

The iRocker Inflatable SUP Model

Seasoned boarders tend to shy away from inflatable models because many have a reputation for being low quality and prone to issues out on the water. But boarders who took the time to check this new iRocker sports board out and write a review were pleasantly surprised not only by the great quality but by how well this board handles in the water, not to mention the ton of free extra accessories that come in this great package. Once you check out this iRocker board model, you might find that you like the quality of the iRocker product best as well.

iRocker Paddle Board Assessment

One of the biggest issues consumers often have with inflatable boards is the tricky and often problematic process that comes with inflating and deflating these boards. Usually, this is a lengthy process, and once deflated, the board can be difficult to roll up and store. According to SUP reviews on the iRocker SUP, this issue of tedious and time-consuming inflation and deflation is minimal for this particular model of SUP, which is great for new customer who doesn’t want to spend a ton of time preparing before they ever get on the water.

iRocker Inflatable SUP Air Pump

Deflating and inflating this iRocker sport model is fast and easy thanks to the included dual-action pump. While the pump features only a single chamber rather than a dual-chamber, it’s still considered one of the best among the other hand pumps out there. The pump’s dual-action system will allow the user to pump air into the paddle boards during the pull-up and push-down, which means that there’s no motion wasted, even though it’s not an electric pump. The iRocker SUP board’s integrated pressure gauge begins to register pressure at just seven PSI. When airing up the iRocker boards becomes difficult, the user can remove a small screw and make the switch from high capacity to high pressure. The pump is also lighter than a dual chamber or electric pump, making it extra easy to carry around. Customers who would get and review this iRocker board model mentioned the quality and convenience of the pump.

Deflating the iRocker Inflatable SUP

To deflate the iRocker SUP board, all you’ll need to do is open the valve and press one pin. Once deflated, the SUP board can be rolled up and stored in the included travel bag for easy transport. Just make sure to give the iRocker SUP adequate time to get dry well in order to prevent mold growth. The product has a great warranty, but more than one problem can be avoided by taking care of the board well, and keeping it extra dry and clean so that it remains in its best condition.

Affordable Price of iRocker Boards

While this iRocker SUP board is priced much more affordably than other competing boards, many users were impressed with its performance and overall high quality. The iRocker Sport SUP board is made from high-quality materials such as the military-grade PVC and the internal layer of drop-stitch core measures in at six inches thick. This works to make the iSUP board a more rigid and stable one than other inflatable models on the market. Other inflatable SUP boards in this price range are usually only about four inches thick. Keep in mind, that the thicker an iSUP board, the more stable you’ll feel when you get on the water.

iRocker Inflatable SUP Board Material and Color

This model of boards also comes with a groove traction deck pad which is made from EVA non-slip material that’s designed to keep the rider’s feet securely in place. A customer can choose between the white and the blue iRocker iSUP board, both of which are designed with stability in mind and a retro touch. This iRocker Inflatable SUP package also comes with an extra D ring, action mounts, and a bungee cord that allows you to attach a deck bag to the boards.

Paddleboard Package Pros and Cons

iRocker Triple Layer Military Grade PVC Inflatable Paddle Board with Backpack, Travel Paddle, Hand Pump and Repair Kit, 11-Feet X 6-Inch ThickPros:

A customer often stated that this iRocker paddle board package offers the type of high quality and performance you would expect from a hard board and they were very impressed with the iRocker SUP board’s performance and ability to remain completely stable in different water conditions, a feature that an inflatable SUP board sometimes does not have.

Versatile iRocker SUP Paddle Boards

The iRocker sports board model itself is very versatile and is perfect for users of all skill levels. The two plus one iSUP fin setup consists of one large detachable center fin and a couple of smaller side fins, both of which work to improve tracking. Once you hit shallow waters the one large SUP fin can be easily removed to keep your board stable.

Smooth iRocker Inflatable SUP Travel

Unlike other models of inflatable boards, you’ll notice hardly any bounce with this iRocker. The board itself glides smoothly and quickly, yet it remains stable even in rougher water conditions. According to paddle board reviews, iRocker boards are better in performance and quality than most inflatable SUPs for use in various types of water.

iRocker SUP Carrying Bag

The included travel bag is very rigid and can definitely withstand heavy use. The board fits in the bag pretty easily, and the bag itself is large enough to also accommodate the paddle, air pump, and any other SUP paddling accessories. However, the zippers and padding are not that great. If you just toss the bag in your trunk you probably won’t have any problems, but if you’re planning on wearing the bag as a backpack you should make sure you look into upgrading. Many users can agree in customer reviews that the iRocker SUP bag isn’t comfortable to wear as a pack for long periods of time.

If you live near a body of water, and you plan to carry your iSUP board on foot primarily, you might want to look into the quality of the pack and how it will feel to carry the weight of the board and accessories for a significant distance. While a review occasionally stated that the pack was good and easy to carry, it might not be your best option for transporting your board long ways on foot. If you need to get a different, more comfortable, and sturdy pack to travel with your new board, it might be a good idea and make your paddling experience a little better as well.

Other Great Accessories

The extra bungee straps and action mounts that come with this board allow for a great storage area you can use to tie your belongings down. Even if you are simply paddling around in the best flat water, you don’t want to lose anything in the lake, so having this storage area option can be a great advantage to you. This is a great option that adds to the iRocker paddle board quality.

iRocker SUP Two-Year Warranty

This inflatable SUP package also comes with a product two-year warranty and great customer service. Consumers who dealt with the customer service team stated that they were very helpful and quick to resolve any issues a customer had with the inflatable paddle boards or extra included accessories. Some who bought this board mentioned in a review how much they loved the good customer service that they received with the product.


Some consumers had complaints regarding the included paddle, which is said to be fairly heavy and not considered as high quality as the board itself. On top of the SUP paddle, you’ll find a turning mechanism that works to hold the handle securely in place, but after a few hours of use, you might notice that it gets a little loose and must be readjusted.

Reviews About the iRocker Paddle

While most consumers raved about this package in customer reviews, complaints regarding the paddle were very common. iRocker might consider upgrading this component in the future. However, according to iRocker SUP reviews, the SUP paddle is adequate in performance and quality and is still a good, stable option for the beginner. It also had good accessories that were not too heavy to carry.

SUP Conclusion and Rating

Consumers who purchased iRocker Triple Layer Military Grade Inflatable Paddle Board were truly surprised at the overall quality of the board and some of its accessories offered. Boarders who purchased this model gave it a great rating of five out of five stars in SUP reviews, which makes this new model our best-rated product and this SUP one of the best paddle boards on the market. A good iSUP board that’s well-built and beginner-friendly, at this price this package is a steal.