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About West Marine Kayaks

What has become the world’s largest boating supply retailer started modestly enough in a garage in Sunnyvale, CA. Mr. Repass saw an opportunity to improve how people shopped for kayak supplies. According to Mr. Repass, he was frustrated by the experience of shopping in local chandleries for the parts he needed to outfit his modest daysailer. “Boat supply stores in those days were usually dark, disorganized places staffed by a couple of salty, but indifferent clerks who preferred swapping sea stories with one another to helping customers find what they came in to buy.” In 1968 he began selling nylon rope by mail order under West Coast Ropes. Occasionally, adventuresome customers would even drop by to pick up their orders in person.

“I decided from the beginning that I wanted to take care of people,” says Mr. Repass. “The high-tech industry I had been working in didn’t provide me with an effective way to do that. But the boating industry allowed me to enjoy my work and interact with customers who shared my interests. I was having a blast and building a business simultaneously.”

The first West Coast Ropes store opened in Palo Alto, CA, in 1975. Besides carrying the quality rope the business was built on, the original store stocked a small selection of basic boat supplies, including anchors and fenders. Though the selection was meager at first, the service was outstanding. “We were, and continue to be, a company of boaters helping fellow boaters. From salespeople to top-level management, our associates are intimately familiar with our customers’ boating needs,” says Mr. Repass. “We believe that it’s just as important to offer knowledgeable service and support as it is to offer top-flight products.” – West Marine Kayaks

In the fall of 1991, West Marine opened its first stores on the East Coast in Florida and Maryland. More stores followed in Virginia, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Then in 1993, the company went public under the symbol WMAR on the NASDAQ exchange.

In 1996, West Marine merged with one of its oldest and most respected competitors, E&B Marine. West Marine marked another milestone in 2003 by acquiring the retail and catalog divisions of long-time competitor Boat U.S. Dynamic expansion continued.

West Marine opened the biggest boating store in the U.S. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 2011. This 50,000 sq. ft. store not only had an expanded selection of core boating products but also offered a large selection of footwear and casual and technical apparel for those who enjoy being out and on the water. Customers responded positively to the larger store format, where they could get everything they needed for a great day out on the water in one location.

For more than 50 years, West Marine has been the premier retailer of boating, fishing, sailing, and paddling gear. With more than 240 stores in 38 states and Puerto Rico and an eCommerce website reaching domestic, international, and professional customers, West Marine is recognized as a leading resource for cruisers, sailors, anglers, and paddlesports enthusiasts.

West Marine Kayak Reviews

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Why West Marine Kayaks?

Kayaking is a popular water sport that offers a great way to explore the outdoors and stay active. A kayak from West Marine can provide many advantages for both recreational and competitive kayakers.

One of the main advantages of using a kayak from West Marine is its high-quality construction. West Marine uses premium materials, such as polyethylene, to create durable and long-lasting kayaks. This makes their kayaks suitable for a wide range of water conditions and can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

Another advantage of using a kayak from West Marine is the variety of designs and sizes available. They offer a range of kayaks, from sit-on-top to touring and fishing models, which can cater to different skill levels and preferences. This allows users to choose the right kayak for their specific needs and preferences.

West Marine’s kayaks also have comfortable seating and adjustable footrests, providing a comfortable experience during long paddling sessions. This makes it easy for users to enjoy their time on the water without experiencing discomfort or fatigue.

West Marine also offers a range of accessories to enhance the kayaking experience. These include paddles, life vests, and waterproof bags to store personal items while on the water safely. This makes it easy for users to fully enjoy their time on the water without worrying about the safety of their belongings.

One of the downsides to buying a kayak from West Marine is the price point. Their kayaks can be pretty expensive, which might make it unattainable for some kayakers. However, the high-quality construction, premium materials, and wide range of designs and sizes make it an excellent investment for those serious about kayaking.

In conclusion, using a kayak from West Marine can provide many advantages for recreational and competitive kayakers. The high-quality construction, variety of designs and sizes, comfortable design, and range of accessories make it an excellent investment for those who want to enjoy their time on the water entirely. While the price point might be a concern for some, the long-term benefits and the high-quality construction make it a worthwhile investment.