is paddleboarding good exercising

Paddleboarding is a sport that is growing in popularity. The paddleboard features a deck you stand on while gliding through the water.

Some health benefits are associated with paddleboarding, including increased cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strengthening. It provides a good arm and core workout as well.

Paddleboarding as a Full Body Workout

Paddleboarding is an excellent way to experience the water’s beauty, but most people don’t know that it can also be a full-body workout.

You can use many different strokes to work your body, but for this article, let’s focus on two of them – the J-stroke and the traditional paddle stroke.

The J-Stroke mainly targets your shoulders, back, neck, and arms – using this stroke, you move your arms in a figure-8 motion. The traditional paddle stroke targets your core muscles, legs, back, and chest. It also requires you to use more arm strength than leg strength because it’s used during the upstroke.

The traditional paddleboard stroke is a two-handed forward stroke. It is the most common and best way to propel oneself on a paddleboard. Beginners need to use this stroke as soon as possible to build up their arm strength and paddling experience.

How to Burn More Calories from a Low-Impact Sport like Paddleboarding?

Paddleboarding is an excellent activity for those who want to stay active and maintain muscle tone. But as with any physical activity, it can also be used as a weight-loss tool.

Paddleboarding burns more calories than other low-impact sports, such as walking or cycling. You can burn approximately 600 calories in an hour of paddleboarding, and the activity is not considered strenuous because it isn’t a high-cardio activity.

If you’re looking for an outdoor sport that will challenge you but not beat you up, give paddleboarding a try!

How to Get Started with Paddleboarding Yoga

Paddleboarding yoga is a newer form of fitness.  It combines the practice of yoga with the beauty and simplicity of paddleboarding. Exercises can be done on any board.  However, boards like SUPs and kayaks are preferred because they allow you to feel more stable and connect with your surroundings.

Paddleboarding yoga has many benefits that make it perfect for anyone looking to get in better shape or take their practice to the next level. It gives people a way to stay both active and calm.

There are three different methods for paddleboard yoga: Partner Yoga, Line Yoga, and SUP Yoga.

Paddleboarding is a great exercise whether you plan to use your paddleboard for paddling around or are looking at getting into paddleboard Yoga.  It is a low-impact way to burn calories and be physically fit without knowing it.  Many people enjoy being on a paddleboard and out with nature. You are using your core muscles just by standing on the board.  

Almost anyone can enjoy a stand-up paddleboard.  It doesn’t matter your age or ability level.  There are very stable beginner boards.  Try it today.

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